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PRINOTH Invests in Clean Technologies

Lagt til av: Espen Børresen | publisert: 05.07.2011

“Clean Motion” is what PRINOTH calls its efforts to arrange slope grooming more cleanly and environmentally friendly. Through the use of innovative technologies, both performance and efficiency can be increased while, at the same time, emissions can be reduced and resources can be protected. With the increasing necessity for environmental protection and care of the climate, it is a particular matter of concern for PRINOTH to join together economic aspects in sustainable business.

Ecological and Economic Sustainability

As a leader in innovation and technology, PRINOTH is actively responding to the challenge of making slope grooming more environmentally friendly, and it is already presenting solutions now that are fit for day-to-day operations. With the use of clean technologies, Clean Motion combines the demands of ecological and economic sustainability with an increased sense of social responsibility.

With the Husky E-Motion, PRINOTH is relying upon diesel-electric solutions which are completely suitable for everyday use and which replace the hydrostatic drive. This allows fuel savings of up to 20 with a simultaneous increase in the available power and torque at the drive wheel.

On top of that, with the new Leitwolf, PRINOTH has brought to the market the first series-produced vehicle in the world to comply with the Euromot III B emissions standards. With a reduction of nitrous oxide emissions by 50 and fine particle emissions by 90, PRINOTH, in the course of its “Clean Motion” program, is making snow grooming even more clean and environmentally friendly.

Source: prinoth

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