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  TråkkeMarkedet visit an environmentally friendly Interalpin '13

Lagt til av: Espen Børresen | publisert: 10.04.2013

As we arrive in the darkness it was difficult to appreciate the stunning snow capped peaks and architectural genius that would still be waiting for us in Innsbruck. Nice to be back...for the 4th time since the first in 2007.

Day one was an easy day getting familiar with the local shops and of course take in a beer in the care of the bright sunshine. That afternoon we took a bus journey on the amazing Brenner Pass to Sterzing in Italy. After a small delay from a turbo issue, we are greeted at the Prinoth factory and are escorted through the production line. Currently making some Husky's for Norway, we were shown how they have created a well oiled and structured assembly line, test area and storage facility. Of course it all looked easier than I am sure it is! An evening meal in the local mexican for proved popular however there are not so many cows now as the peppered steak was the selection of almost all the crew!

Day two, The first thing we notice of the Innsbruck Messe is the new exterior which is very modern with new fencing that also does not detract from the amazing views and city. Once inside, it is again a maze of exhibitors from throughout Europe and beyond, displaying there finest products and ready with all the information you need.

The priority was obviously the trakkemaskin stands and as we arrived at Prinoth and Pisten Bully it was easy to see the common theme - Economy and Environment!

So, Pisten Bully had displayed there entire fleet from 100 to 600 Polar but the emphasis and interest was in the Green iQ 600 E+ and Dual Fuel models both openly displaying the diesel-electric and gas-diesel technology.

Prinoth displayed their fine range of groomers from Husky to The Beast. The interest of the day was clear to see as you could barely see the new Leitwolf Winch for people moving around, under and over it inspecting every new feature. Clearly displaying new technologies and version improvements there is confidence this machine will have a strong part to play in the future market.

Aztec displayed their Aztec Graphit with alternative winch design and cable technology. Interest was being shown in the cabin and particularly the winch and cable system which is undoubtedly different and perhaps requires the availability of the information in English, or forum member experience, before we comment further.

Day three involved another day at the exhibition but allowed more time for meeting new contacts, speaking with the manufacturers about products and taking in the finer details of the equipment on show, not to mention trying the fine selection of beers and nibbles available! Demonstrations of the Prinoth Nordic Liner and its clever design to follow the corner were achieved and also some more time with the new Leitwolf. Whilst there we had another informative input from Prinoth's head of programme and product management who explained yet more of design improvements and got to give him some of your driver feedback...some of which he sounded very interested in!

Alpina Snowmobiles again showed their Sherpa with its amazing engine for pulling grooming sleds or as was the display, the personnel sled for tours or general transportation. The day was closed out with Leica Geosystems and their ICON GPS system, where they displayed the intelligent construction concept and the benefits to a ski area from accurate snow depth management.

As this week comes to an end, you will of course find further and more accurate inputs on the forum for some of the news discussed in the coming weeks but it has been an informative and great opportunity to see and hear about the products available, learn of the manufacturers ongoing ways of trying to stay ahead of competition and satisfy both the user and the environment. One of the greatest achievements of the week, was the ability for the forum members worldwide (Japan, Austria, Germany, Iceland , Scotland and Norway) to meet up and share their passion over a beer and in the presence of their favourite machines.

In no particular order is a special thanks to Pistenbully, Prinoth and Alpina Snowmobiles for sponsoring the tickets for entry. Your support is always important and certainly appreciated.

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