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LEITNER ropeways Press Release - Interalpin

Lagt til av: Espen Børresen | publisert: 10.04.2013

DirectDrive, LeitDrive and 3S in Stubai

This is the future: DirectDrive and LeitDrive
LeitDrive frequency converter from LEITNER sets standards in drive technology
The LeitDrive frequency converter is the result of LEITNER’s consistent development of innovative drive technology. It will be implemented on the company’s ropeways gradually from 2013. Thanks to cutting-edge technology and a modular design, the LeitDrive frequency converter offers the highest degree of cost effectiveness and flexibility. The new technology is especially quiet and environmentally friendly. The waste heat can be used for heating and hot water. Since it was specially developed by LEITNER, customers can rely on optimal service and support directly from the manufacturer.

The demands on ropeway installations today are ever-growing. Especially with regard to cost effectiveness, reliability and environmental protection, expectations are very high. LEITNER fulfills them with innovative high-tech solutions. The new LeitDrive frequency converter marks a new quality standard in drive technology and continues the successful development building upon the direct drive. It converts the mains voltage and allows regulation of the motor’s number of revolutions, be it a direct drive or a conventional drive. This ensures that the installation is provided with the amount of power that it needs. Thanks to LEITNER’s long-standing experience and technological know-how, this new system can be tailored precisely to the needs of customers using ropeways. After a 15-month development period, during which an interdisciplinary team worked intensively on the new technology, the first prototypes are already in use successfully on the 6-seater chair lift “Walde” in the Kitzbühel ski area.

A great advantage of the LeitDrive frequency converter is its modular and unusually compact design. Individual modules, each with a power of 250 kilowatts (kW), can be connected in parallel. The system’s power range goes from 250 kW into the high megawatt range. Thanks to its small width of just 400 millimeters per module, the system can be set up in a very compact and space-saving manner and tailored precisely to the needs of ropeway customers. A liquid cooling system ensures optimal temperature management of the IGBT power electronics.

The LeitDrive converter can be configured from 250 up into the high megawatt range
The modular design and the high in-house production depth allow each system to be built and configured according to the customer’s needs. In addition, the converter software and electronics developed by our company contribute to the realization of custom solutions. Key components such as power stacks and controller modules are produced in-house.

The LeitDrive converter is efficient and cost-effective
Using cutting-edge technologies, the interaction between the converter and the motor can be perfected. The powerful controller software ensures that the motor runs economically and efficiently in all load ranges. Especially in combination with the LEITNER direct drive, the LeitDrive reaches a very high degree of overall efficiency. Thanks to the use of standardized power modules, spare parts can be acquired more quickly and at a lower cost. There are additional advantages in the area of maintenance: The converter cabinets are especially maintenance-friendly and all components are easily accessible. All components come from LEITNER. There is no longer a need to hire third-party experts. The entire support service is carried out quickly and reliably by LEITNER.

The LeitDrive converter is quiet and very environmentally friendly
The new converter offers all the advantages of an AFE (Active Front End) frequency converter as well as improvement of the power quality at the feeding point and avoidance of reactive power. This enables ropeway operators to use their power supply much more efficiently. The liquid cooling system allows waste heat to be processed through heat exchangers in order to provide heating and hot water for the buildings. The liquid cooling of the drive components also reduces noise emissions considerably. This creates greater comfort and strengthens acceptance of the whole ropeway installation.
The know-how acquired in the development of DirectDrive and LeitDrive opens lots of new future possibilities for LEITNER, says Günter Tschinkel, Head of Electrical Engineering: “The activity of the installations can be optimized by finely adjusting the coordination between the motor, the frequency converter and the control system. This is especially the case for the interplay between the direct drive motor and the frequency converter, where the advantages of the direct drive technology can be fully exploited.” Since the new LeitDrive was developed and is built completely by LEITNER, customers can always be sure of perfect service, says Tschinkel.

Starting in 2013, this new drive technology will be implemented gradually on the ropeway installations of LEITNER ropeways and also on the wind power and snowmaking systems of the enterprise group.

Groundbreaking order for LEITNER ropeways in Tyrol
A new generation of 3S gondola lifts on the Stubai Glacier sets new standards

The first tricable gondola lift in two sections using the environmentally-friendly direct drive – these are only some of the technological innovations of the new gondola ropeway which LEITNER ropeways will build on the Stubai Glacier by Autumn 2015.

The new order from Wintersport Tirol AG & Co Stubaier Bergbahnen KG calls for LEITNER ropeways to construct an important connecting ropeway on the Stubai glacier. The tricable gondola lift “3S Eisgratbahn” will be in operation throughout the year. It will meet the highest requirements in terms of performance, cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability and represent a new generation of technology. According to plans, the first 3S gondola lift with two connected sections will enter into operation on October 31, 2015. The first section rises a vertical height of 542 meters over an inclined length of 1,852 meters. The second section tackles 595 vertical meters over a distance of 2,240 meters. At a speed of 7 meters per second and with 43 gondolas, this new ropeway will achieve a capacity of 3,000 passengers per hour. It is the world's first 3S gondola lift which uses the groundbreaking direct drive.

The project integrates impressive technological and groundbreaking solutions
The LEITNER direct drive - a gearless drive system for cableways – is unparalleled across the world. This project marks the first time that it is being used in a tricable gondola lift. The direct drive is extremely reliable and gives the Eisgratbahn availability which is otherwise only possible with 4 motor drives. The system in the Stubai also presents other groundbreaking solutions: It has fixed track and haul rope tension and the return station uses a single sheave. A further decisive advantage is the fully-automatic garaging systems in the valley as well as at the middle and top station. The new 3S no longer requires a safety area thanks to the integrated positive coupling device at the valley exit.
Following the 3S gondola lifts on the Ritten near Bolzano (Italy) and in Avoriaz (France), the order for the Stubai Glacier is yet another trend-setting project for LEITNER ropeways. It demonstrates how, even with state-of-the-art ropeway systems, improvements are still possible.

"Thanks to our consistent and innovative research and development, especially in the area of
3S stations, we are able to present a new technological generation of this type in the Stubai.
These efforts have been rewarded by the order," explains Michael Tanzer, Head of Sales

Stubaital (AUT)
Temporary technical data:
3S Eisgratbahn Section I (2015)

Ropeway system: 3S
Inclined length: 1,852 m
Vertical rise: 542 m
Capacity: 3,000 people per hour
Number of cabins: 20

3S Eisgratbahn Section II (2015)
Ropeway system: 3S
Inclined length: 2,240 m
Vertical rise: 595 m
Capacity: 3,000 people per hour
Number of cabins: 23
Drive: LEITNER direct drive
Drive: LEITNER direct drive

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