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World champions love perfect slopes

Lagt til av: Espen Børresen | publisert: 15.02.2013

PRINOTH, exclusive supplier to the Alpine World Ski Championships in Schladming As exclusive supplier to Planai & Hochwurzen Bahnen for the 2013 Alpine World Ski Championships, the manufacturer of snow groomers PRINOTH is trusted by the international ski elite. At the World Championships press conference with the technical manager of the Planai & Hochwurzen Bahnen, Karl Höflehner, the head trainer of the ÖSV Austrian ladies ski team, Herbert Mandl, and FIS Race Director Hans Pieren, the topic of slopes was discussed in depth.

During the Alpine Ski World Championships in Schladming, some 17 snow groomers in classic green and white, the colours of Styria, will be responsible for perfectly-groomed racing slopes, for, as exclusive supplier for slope preparation during the 2013 World Championships in Schladming, PRINOTH is responsible for optimal slope conditions. Highest quality and excellent technology are crucial. With their mature tilling technology, the snow groomers guarantee the perfect slope, whatever the snow conditions.

"Competitors are counting on optimal slope conditions. Only if the slope is perfect can the ski stars do their best. The slope is simply the most important thing. The results have to be impeccable, " explains Karl Höflehner, technical manager of Planai & Hochwurzen Bahnen. "Especially during a major event such as the World Championships, the snow groomers have to be absolutely reliable. Here, we cannot afford any breakdowns, " Karl Höflehner adds to emphasize the high quality requirements and the expectations with regard to reliability. During the 15 years of partnership between PRINOTH and Planai, a firm trust in the products has been established.

Unrivalled slope quality
Significant responsibility for the results lies with the POWER tiller. Continual developments over the decades have made it the best tiller on the market.

"A racing slope has to be extremely hard and compact, " explains FIS Race Director Hans Pieren. "The quality of the slope is very important. At the FIS, great importance is attached to the tilling results. The surface just has to be perfectly tilled, " Hans Pieren says to emphasize the relevance of the tilling results. Such a deep and fine-grained tilling result ensures that the slope lasts significantly longer. Especially during competitions, this is an important point. "In order to ensure fair competing conditions, all the competitors from the first to the last need to have the same slope conditions, " Herbert Mandl, ÖSV ladies head trainer, explains with regard to the requirements for the preparation of racing slopes. "The influence of the racing slope on the skier's run is enormous. Of course, every athlete has different strengths, but the racing conditions should be the same for everyone. Different degrees of slope hardness often make the difference between victory and defeat, " says Herbert Mandl.

Besides precision, efficiency is another decisive advantage of the POWER tiller. The special design concept increases service life and ensures balanced weight distribution. Particularly resilient cutting teeth prevent wear and mean long-lasting product quality. The particular arrangement of the cutting teeth leads to a lower r.p.m. and reduces the fuel consumption of the snow groomer.

Sustainable snow grooming in Schladming 2013
The "green world championships" in the heart of Styria are focusing not only on performance, but also on sustainability in the international skiing arena. PRINOTH is making a clear statement on environmental protection and, alongside the new LEITWOLF, the first Euromot III B-compliant snow groomer, is also setting to work its HUSKY E-motion. This vehicle was already introduced in 2009 as the world's first snow groomer with a diesel-electric engine and acts as a green ambassador in Schladming. Together with the new LEITWOLF, it is the front-runner in clean technology. The BEAST is present as well. Its particularly wide working width of 7.1 m allows the BEAST to achieve 40 greater grooming performance than other vehicles and, together with its high grooming speed, ensures significant savings which can be observed particularly in fuel consumption.

Know-how from professionals for professionals
"We see ourselves as our clients' partner and pay great attention to their economy and cost efficiency. We want our clients to gain an advantage from our vehicles. Building on our many years of experience, we are continuously engaged in further developing and improving our products ", says Werner Amort, President of PRINOTH. Moreover, it is not just the technology of the snow groomer that counts, but also the know-how in using it. Within the framework of its training program for snow groomer drivers, PRINOTH offers in-depth training on racing slope preparation and explains to participants the crucial issues in the case of competitions and what makes a perfect racing slope. Firsthand instruction and advice helps drivers and managers plan and implement slope preparation and guarantees reopening of services for the general public immediately after the end of competition events.

Source: Prinoth press release

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