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Doppelmayr Recovery concept: Subjectively and objectively safe

Lagt til av: Espen Børresen | publisert: 09.03.2012

Doppelmayr’s new recovery concept ensures that ropeway passengers can always be carried to the nearest station without the need for a separate rescue system. As well as passing the test of objective safety, this concept wins the approval of passengers for perceived safety.

Until recently, the recovery concept had been installed on the 3S lifts in Sölden and Koblenz. Now the same approach has been adopted on the new Grasjoch 8-passenger gondola lift in Montafon, Austria. The philosophy at the heart of the recovery concept is to duplicate all functionrelated parts and equipment, and to make them independently operable – commonly referred to as redundant design. This applies, for example, to the bull wheel bearings and emergency drive. In addition, all the organizational measures are put in place to make sure that the technical means can be made ready without delay in a failure scenario. In compliance with the appropriate regulations, this approach enables passengers to be brought to safety within a reasonable time period in the event of operational malfunction of the lift. Evacuation by rescue ropeway, for example, is no longer necessary passengers are not required to leave the gondolas if the lift fails.

Maximum safety and top comfort are standard features of modern Doppelmayr ropeways
In general terms, Doppelmayr lifts always provide the assurance of a high safety level. Passenger comfort is a major feature of entering and leaving the gondolas no-one is made to fear they might miss their turn to board, or that they could stumble and become jammed. The wellventilated gondolas glide smoothly and softly at all times.


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