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Out of the dark: the new Everest!!

Lagt til av: Espen Børresen | publisert: 16.01.2009

The PRINOTH groomer fleet has achieved visual and technical perfection: the new Everest is here! Its unique cab concept, carefully designed technical features, and efficient grooming performance make the difference immediately noticeable. Curious about what’s new?

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Out of the dark © prinoth
The new EVEREST, only peak performance.
Everest - the name says it all: efficiency and ergonomics at the highest level.
Grooming performance and profitability in a consistently upward trend. Ski piste
quality without compromise, but with innovative PRINOTH additonal equipment.
Top candidate with regard to thrust and agility.

Five Convincing Arguments for the Everest
1 A Unique Work Place
The new cabin of the Everest was redesigned with drivers and their individual needs in mind. The clear layout of the controls and the driver's seat, which was developed for special needs, make the work a pleasure and establish the Everest as a convincing pro on the slopes. The latest ergonomic insights are combined with state of the art technology and skillfully packaged in the elegant styling of Pininfarina.

2 High Performance Grooming
Quantity combined with Quality: the Everest meets this qualitative and quantitative statement with proven reliability. Its impressive performance is rounded out by exceptional thrust with good maneuverability, excellent climbing ability, and unprecedented blade control, due to the new proportional blade hydraulics.

3 Low Operating Costs
The newly developed electronic management system of the engine and hydrostats ensures optimal hydrostatic performance with low fuel consumption. The result is lower operating costs and decreased emissions. Good news for the ski area operator and the environment, too. Proven components reduce maintenance effort and thus operating costs. At the same time, they increase the expected life of the Everest.

4 Superior Winching
Equipped with the latest generation of the proven PRINOTH drum winch, the Everest sets standards worldwide in efficient and productive grooming of steep slopes. With Wincontrol, the latest-generation PRINOTH technology provides automated control of the winch pulling force the driver is free to concentrate on the basics. The use of a drum winch helps ensure that the cable will remain in good condition for a long time and a guarantees a high level of reliability and economic operation.

5 Productively Efficient Implements
The high-performance PRINOTH Power Tiller guarantees perfect piste quality at maximum grooming speed. The result is visual perfection that provides world class skiing and riding in every condition. The profile of the PRINOTH 12-way blade energizes the snow when it comes in contact with the blade for minimal resistance. The push frame mounting points allow high performance pushing potential.

Design from Italy's Best
The venerable family company Pininfarina, based in Turin, is synonymous with high-quality automotive design. For 78 years, the Italian company has been designing entire vehicles for automakers. One of those vehicles indebted to the "Pininfarina" design shop is the Everest. Lowie Vermeersch, director of design at Pininfarina, is especially pleased with the design of the controls for the new Everest: "It was a special challenge for us to convert the outstanding operator control concept into an exceptional work space design," he says. "For us, design is the bridge between function and emotion. So we focused our attention on the specifications for the everyday work of the vehicle and equipped it with innovative design elements that up to now have only been found in high-quality passenger cars. Now, for the first time, there are gleaming metal elements on the operator panels of a snow groomer, and the individual control elements have their own special, attractive styling.
In ways like these, PRINOTH and Pininfarina helped maintain a visionary, forward-looking perspective."


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