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Prinoth Press Release - Interalpin

Lagt til av: Espen Børresen | publisert: 10.04.2013

New Leitwolf, Nordic Liner and Snow How by Prinoth

Leader of its class: the new LEITWOLF
Leading the way with powerful performance and strong environmental awareness. Higher efficiency, optimum preparation results Performance that will satisfy all demands. Clear the slopes for the top of the class!

The new LEITWOLF combines technical innovation with exceptional performance and features a number of highlights that are unique throughout the world. Outstanding features make it the leader of the pack in your fleet. Achieve perfect slope conditions without compromise. The driver can determine the type of trailing characteristics of the tiller himself and select parallel offset or free trailing mode depending on the situation, which opens up completely new possibilities for snow grooming for the first time. The lateral offset ensures a perfect surface across the entire width of a slope without roughing the edges, from the first to the last track. The well-established POWER tiller produces deep and fine-grained tilling results, which guarantee perfect slope conditions all day long, from dawn to dusk, and well into the warmer spring weather.

Higher area coverage, exceptional climbing ability
The new LEITWOLF is the widest in its class: With a track width of 4.5 m it is 294 mm wider than comparable vehicles, and boasts both a higher area coverage and superior maneuverability. Thanks to its active undercarriage, the track working surface can be decreased or increased by raising the undercarriage. Decreasing the contact surface improves maneuverability, while increasing it improves the vehicle's climbing ability and thrust. Making the contact surface as large as possible ensures a firm grip and lower ground pressure. The chosen track division also ensures maximum climbing ability and good control when driving downhill.

More powerful engine, less fuel consumption
The 280 mm wider MASTER blade guarantees optimum thrust and well-defined slope edges. At the same time the new
LEITWOLF boasts higher engine power for a smooth drive. Equipped with the latest SCR technology plus 2.200 Nm and 510 hp (375 kW), the new LEITWOLF is the world's first production vehicle to meet the Euromot IIIB / Tier 4i emission standard: this means that fine particle emissions have been reduced by 90 and nitrogen emissions by 50, which makes snow grooming more environmentally friendly.

The new generation of pumps from Bosch Rexroth works in combination with improved tubing to optimize efficiency in the drive train and therefore provides better power transmission. Thanks to higher oil flow volumes, the diesel engine can be used in the lower speed range without reducing working speeds. This reduces fuel consumption.

Individually tailored to you
The blade control settings can be individually customized, which allows you to tailor the vehicle to the way you like to work. The central driver seat in the LEITWOLF gives the driver a clear overview and complete control while working. The cabin can be entered and exited from both sides, which keeps distances short.

With a constant pulling capacity of 4.5 t and WINCONTROL automatic tension control, the LEITWOLF SHERPA is perfectly adapted to the vehicle and provides optimum support on difficult terrain or in challenging snow conditions. The optimized winch offers the driver a choice of different settings in automatic mode. Overall performance has been improved by perfectly distributing power between the winch and the traction drive. The assistance function allows the driver to focus on the essential – creating the perfect slope.

NORDIC LINER creates the perfect track
To put the finishing touches on cross-country trails and set a precise and lasting track, the HUSKY is ready to impress with an innovative cross-country track setter, the NORDIC LINER.

The NORDIC LINER consists of two track setting plates, each with its own tiller, which can be attached behind the main tiller of the HUSKY. In order to accommodate various topographical conditions, the right-hand plate can be regulated, so the distance between the two track setting plates is infinitely adjustable.

Another advantage lies in the adjustability of the tilling performance. Since the track setting plates and the tillers can be used independently, the use of the tillers can vary depending on the requirements and the condition of the cross-country trail. If a slope has already been prepared and only a cross-country track needs to be set, then the vehicle's tiller can remain inactive, which saves fuel. If the cross-country track is still in good condition and just has to be reinforced, then the track setting plates can be activated without the tillers, which leads to lower fuel consumption and higher speed.

All-day cross-country skiing fun
New, interlaced cutting teeth ensure a better and longer-lasting track result for all-day cross-country skiing fun. Since the small tillers always follow the track setting plates creating an optimal tilling result with maximum mixing of the snow, the track always remains ideal, even in curves.

Lillehammer has been enthusiastic about the HUSKY for over 20 years and is already using the new NORDIC LINER. "With the NORDIC LINER we are flexible and can use the tiller and the track setting plates independently depending on the conditions of the trail. This ensures that our visitors can enjoy perfect cross-country trails, even in steep curves," says Area Manager Lars Nes, operator Per Otto Bergersen and Tage skamsar from Lillehammer Olympic Park.

The comprehensive consulting concept SNOW HOW by PRINOTH offers ski resorts the opportunity to raise their productivity in all areas. The combination of RESOURCE MANAGEMENT and individual MOUNTAIN
CONSULTING allows operating costs to be reduced while raising performance levels.

This RESOURCE MANAGEMENT system is a specially developed evaluation tool for perfect planning. It can be installed easily in the driver cabin and sends data on the vehicle handling and the vehicle WiFi/UMTS to be displayed on the computer. Thanks to accurate measuring methods and precise vehicle monitoring, economization potentials can be identified quickly. In MOUNTAIN CONSULTING, the data are analyzed by your own team together with our experts in order to optimize future work procedures. Since monitoring is ensured throughout the whole season, your success will be documented.

Reduction of overall preparation costs
SNOW HOW by PRINOTH is currently being tested at the Carezza climate ski resort. The consulting concept is expected to yield a number of improvements, as Georg Eisath, President of Latemar Karersee GmbH, explains. After just a few weeks, he can already draw conclusions and assess the first results. "The work we put in immediately yielded fruit. The snow groomers drive at a more moderate speed and follow the electronic instructions exactly. This way, we have less fuel consumption but high-quality slopes," says Eisath, who is pleased with the visible results, and even goes a step further: "The data analyses allowed us, within just one month, to cut down idle times by half and reduce the preparation costs per hectare considerably, which constitutes a significant reduction of overall preparation costs," says Georg Eisath, who is happy about the effectiveness of the way that RESOURCE MANAGEMENT and MOUNTAIN CONSULTING work together.

The snow groomer drivers are enthusiastic about it too, and the monitoring has even increased their motivation. "You compare yourself with other drivers mainly in terms of fuel consumption, and you are proud when you used less than the others," says Franz Niederstätter, snow groomer driver at the Carezza ski resort.

Absolute transparency
RESOURCE MANAGEMENT has already been used successfully in North America for years, as we can see in Aspen, Colorado. "With PRINOTH RESOURCE MANAGEMENT, we have been able to optimize the performance of our entire fleet. The comprehensive work reports from all areas gave us absolute transparency and we found out quickly what we can improve in order to be more efficient and lower overall costs," says Jim Ward, Director of Purchasing in Aspen. RESOURCE MANAGEMENT can be used with all snow groomers independently of the manufacturer. The uniqueness of SNOW HOW lies in the fact that PRINOTH can offer everything in one package. Snow groomers, software, training and consulting. Our specially developed software has been designed for the snow groomers, and customers can obtain the knowledge along with the vehicle know-how directly from our professionals. And this throughout the entire season.

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